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Bas Rutten Liver Shot: Great MMA Move or The Greatest MMA Move?

Back in the old days of mixed martial arts, Bas Rutten was the first to effectively demonstrate what everyone who follows MMA now knows: You can incapacitate an opponent by giving him a hard shot to the liver. But is Rutten's liver shot the best move in the history of MMA?

Ben Fowlkes of says it is. Ben has compiled an excellent list of the Top 10 signature moves in MMA, and he puts Rutten's liver shot at the top:

One of the only body shots that can reliably end a fight, Rutten put it to good use in his Pancrase days when those sissies wouldn't let him punch people in the head with a closed fist. Now the punch has its own t-shirt, instructional videos, and anyone who has ever worked out to Rutten's thai boxing CD has combinations like "right straight/liver shot" seared into their brains.

I'm personally more partial to Fedor Emelianenko's arm bars and Rampage Jackson's slams, but I won't argue with putting Rutten at the top. Especially if he's in the immediate vicinity.

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