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Gina Carano: Cris Cyborg Fight Will Happen in 2009

Gina Carano still hasn't signed a contract with Strikeforce, but in a new interview she sounds confident that she will, and that her next fight will be against Cristiane "Cris Cyborg" Santos.

"It's gonna happen," Carano told MMA Weekly. "Actually, the only person I can think about right now. My focus is on her, and I don't really want to fight anybody else but her. Let's do it. Both of us want to make it happen, and it's probably going to happen this year."

But it can't happen until Carano signs on the dotted line, and so far, she hasn't. All indications are that Carano wants a significant raise from the $25,000 she made for her last fight. Strikeforce doesn't seem inclined to give her the kind of money she's seeking.

So how much is Carano worth? Sam Caplan of Five Ounces of Pain says Carano should get paid $100,000 a fight, while Zach Arnold of Fight Opinion says she's not worth nearly that much.

I like Carano and I'd like to see her get big money, especially if it's for a fight against Cyborg, which would be tremendous for women's MMA. But I think the smart business move for Strikeforce is to hold the line financially. And if the Cyborg fight blows up, then Strikeforce and Carano can talk about a raise.