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Tito Ortiz Says He'll Pass on Affliction, Fight on CBS or Showtime for Strikeforce

Another day, another interview in which the former UFC star Tito Ortiz says he's close to reaching a deal to return to MMA. This time Ortiz says he thinks he'll be fighting soon on CBS and Showtime.

"I'm looking forward to possibly signing a deal with CBS and Showtime," Ortiz said. "But as of right now we're going back and forth. I thought it was going to be Affliction, but I think I'm going to end up passing on the deal."

Although Ortiz never actually says the word "Strikeforce," only one MMA promotion has a deal with CBS and Showtime, so if Ortiz thinks he's going to be fighting on CBS and Showtime, that must mean he thinks he'll be fighting for Strikeforce.

Ortiz already had a relationship with Affliction because he worked as a commentator on Affliction's last show, but he apparently doesn't think that's going to lead to a contract in which he'll fight for Affliction.

"With Affliction, all I did was just commentating," Ortiz said. "I think I did a pretty good job."

Most fans I know disagree with that last part, but whatever: Ortiz remains a free agent, and I'm betting he will be for at least another couple months. But eventually he'll fight again, and as of right now, Strikeforce is the favorite to acquire his services.

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