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March Badness MMA Weigh-In Results: Bobby Lashley 251.5, Jason Guida 232

Update: Get Live March Badness Results

The results of the March Badness weigh-in are in, and the big former pro wrestler Bobby Lashley will have a 20-pound size advantage over his opponent, Jason Guida.

Lashley weighed in at 251.5 pounds, while Guida weighed in at 232. Of course, Lashley looks like a bodybuilder while Guida looks like a couch potato, so Lashley probably has about 50 pounds of muscle mass on Guida.

Full weigh-in results for all five March Badness MMA fights are below.

Roy Nelson 262 lbs. vs. Jeff Monson 245.75 lbs.
Bobby Lashley 251.5 lbs. vs. Jason Guida 232 lbs.
Din Thomas 144.75 lbs. vs. Gabe Lemley 144.75 lbs.
Dennis Hallman 169 lbs. vs. Danny Ruiz 170 lbs.
James Freeman 171.25 vs. John Mowry 176.75 lbs.

Click here for March Badness boxing weigh-in results. We'll have live March Badness results on Saturday night here at FanHouse.

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