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'March Badness' Live Play-By-Play Results

Thank you for joining's live-blog of "March Badness" from the Pesacola Civic Center in Florida. The hybrid MMA and boxing event is presented by Roy Jones Jr.'s Square Ring Promotions.

The boxing main event is the NABO light-heavyweight bout between Roy Jones Jr. and Omar Sheika, while the MMA main event will be a heavyweight bout between Roy Nelson and Jeff Monson.

World Boxing Hall of Fame play-by-play announcer Bob Sheridan is joined by guest commentators Seth Petruzelli for MMA and Nate Campbell for boxing. Petruzelli would have fought on the card but his opponent former WEC champion Doug Marshall pulled out due to an injury.

Fight #1 - Dennis "Superman" Hallman (169) vs. Danny Ruiz (170)

Ruiz slowly walks out to the ring to "Somewhere over the Rainbow" by Israel"IZ" Kamakawiwo'ole, an artist BJ Penn typically enters to for his UFC fights.

Hallman walks out to "Dreams" by the Cranberries.

R1: Hallman takes a couple of steps and drops for the takedown. Ruiz defends and Hallman shoots again and they end in clinch. Hallman takes Ruiz down from clinch at 4:18. Hallman passes to side and throws down punches. Ruiz gives up his back and Hallman takes it. Hallman goes for the choke and Ruiz taps.

Whoa, they just announced the submission as a guillotine choke. It was a rear-naked choke. Hallman responded to the result announcement with a weird look.

Hallman wins via submission (RNC) - R1 (1:50)

Fight #2 - Din Thomas (144.75) vs. Gabe Lemley (144.75)

UFC lightweight Spencer Fisher is the sole cornerman for Lemley.

Din Thomas enters wearing a blue gi with an American Top Team patch. His accompanying music is "Kashmir" by Led Zeppelin.

R1: Lemley throws an overhand right to set up the takedown. Thomas defends and they battle in clinch.They separate at 4:12 and Lemley lands a leg kick. Lemley lands a kick ot the waist.A high kick by Lemley is blocked. Thomas lands an inside leg kick. Lemley's kick is blocked. Thomas jabs. Thomas moves in with a jab-cross and Lemley shoots and Thomas sprawls. They separate at 2:55. They clinch again and separate. Thomas throws a looping right. Lemley throws a jumping hook. THomas lands a right and Lemley shoots. Lemley falls to his back and Thomas sits in his open halfguard. Thomas is pounding down. Lemley escapes and Thomas stands back up. Thomas catches a kick and lets it go. Thomas throws a punch flurry, catching Lemley with lefts. Thomas finishes with a beautiful knee that drops Lemley to his knees. The fight is over.

Thomas wins via TKO - R1 (4:13)

Thomas wins over the crowd by addressing the Chris Brown-Rihanna situation. The UFC veteran says its not cool for a guy to put his hands on a woman and tells Rihanna to "holla to me" if she needs his help.

Fight #3 - Bobby Lashley (251.5) vs. Jason Guida (232)

Guida says in the pre-fight package that he expects Lashley to gas in 30 seconds. The funny thing is that Guida resorted to throwing his mouthpiece away in his last fight to buy extra rest time.

The crowd loves Lashley.

R1: Lashley shoots and grabs the single-leg. Lashley tries to power his way for the takedown but Guida defends. The ref separates them. Lashley shoots again and they end in clinch. Lashley breaks away. Lashley lands a righthand and clinches. Lashley throws a fast right and goes for the single-leg but Guida stops it. Guida lands knees to the thigh in clinch.The ref separates them at 49 seconds left. Guida throws a right that's blocked. Lashley chases with a punch combo and they end back into clinch. Round one was just Guida defending against the takedown. Arguably a draw but the edge would go to Lashley.

R2: Lashley charges up a right, almost pro wrestling style. Lashley shoots and gets the big slam at 4:23. Guida is in halfguard looking to escape. Lashley flattens Guida and throws right punches to Guida's head. Lashley is able to get some shots in but he's unable to finish. Round two definitely goes to Lashley.

R3: Guida comes in with a jab-cross and they tie-up. Lashley releases his underhooks and throws bombs. Back to clinch. The ref separates them at 3:35. Lashley gets the takedown but is caught in a guilllotine choke. Lashley eventually pulls his head out. Lashley is in Guida's full guard. Lashley drops down punches while Guida looks for an armbar. Guida attempts the armbar but it's not close, and he goes back to closed guard. Lashley with rapid punches to close out the round. Lashley will win this one 30-27.

Lashley wins via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Fight #4 - Jeff Monson (245.75) vs. Roy Nelson (262)

R1: Nelson jabs. Monson tries to stick i his jabs. Monson shoots but Nelson sprawls and lands in Monson's halfguard. Nelson passes to side control at 3:09. Monson escapes into halfguard. Just when Monson appears to free up space, Nelson takes mount at 1:13. Monson escapes to his feet. Monson with a jab. Monson shoots and Nelson defends and the round ends in clinch. Nelson wins the first round 10-9.

R2: Monson with a jab. Monson moves in for the takedown but it's Nelson who trips Monson down. Monson escapes from halfguard. They trade knees while fighting in clinch. Nelson trips Monson down to side mount. Monson simply powers out and the two heavyweights are back in clinch. They battle for position for the remainder of the round. Nelson also takes the second round 10-9.

R3: Monson moves in 30 seconds in and they quickly separate. Monson continues to look for the takedown. Monson misses a jumping left hook. Nelson misses a jab-cross. Monson goes in the for the takedown and Nelson runs off. Monson shoots again and Nelson drops his weight down. Back up it appears Monson might have hit Nelson low. Nelson is fine. Monson lands a nice right. Monson shoots and Nelson defends. Monson's overhand right is blocked. Monson clinches with Nelson at 1:16. Nelson puts Monson down but Monson bounces right back up. A short exchange and the fight ends in clinch. Monson should take the third. scores the fight 29-28 for Nelson.

Wow, Nelson gets robbed.

All three judges score the fight 29-28 for Monson.

Monson wins via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Boxing Results:

NABO Light Heavyweight Championship
Roy Jones Jr. def. Omar Sheikavia TKO - R5 (1:45)

NABO Cruiserweight Championship
B.J. Flores def. Jose Luis Herrera via unanimous decision (98-92, 99-91, 99-91)

Kieyon Bussey def. Robert DaLuz via majority decision (57-57, 58-56, 58-56)