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Georges St-Pierre signs with Gatorade

Georges St-Pierre has signed on to be one of the faces of Gatorade's "G" campaign in Canada.

"Today I shot a commercial for Gatorade - I'm proud to be the first MMA athleteto be sponsored by Gatorade, and also proud for the sport - it showshow far it has come. It's really an honor for me to be the company ofsuch other great athletes," St-Pierre wrote Friday on his YardBarker blog.

The Canadian campaign will follow the US version of the "G" campaign, which debuted in January during the Super Bowl and featured Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan and Serena Williams.

"Just like in the US, the Canadian Gatorade brand is recognizing some of
our nation's most influential and inspiring athletes," said Dale Hooper, VP of marketing for Gatorade in Canada. "These athletes represent Canada's best while also serving as motivation to any Canadian who sweats."

Four-time Stanley Cup champion Gordie "Mr. Hockey" Howe will also appear in the Canadian commercial.

St-Pierre will defend his UFC welterweight title against Thiago Alves at UFC 100 on July 11 in Las Vegas.