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Georges St. Pierre: I'll Help Kenny Florian Whip B.J. Penn

UFC welterweight champion Georges St Pierre says he's tired of lightweight champ BJ Penn saying he cheated to win their fight at UFC 94. But St. Pierre says he's not getting mad, he's getting even: By helping Kenny Florian prepare for his fight against Penn.

"Now it's over my head, and the thing I can do to piss him off more is help Kenny Florian to kick his ass, and that's what I'm going to do," St. Pierre said. "Kenny Florian is coming in April, and I will help him out as much as I can, to beat him up."

St. Pierre, who also jokes that he hired a man to come out of the crowd and kiss Penn as Penn walked into the Octagon before their fight at UFC 94, says now all his focus is fighting Thiago Alves at UFC 100. Florian is expected to challenge Penn for the lightweight title at either UFC 101 or UFC 102 in August or September.