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EA Sports keeping an eye on MMA

EA Sports, the makers of the critically acclaimed "Fight Night" boxing video games, sees mixed martial arts as the future of fighting.

"We keep a very close eye on where things like mixed martial arts are going," EA Sports president Peter Moore told IGN last week during EA Sports' Season Opener. "Obviously we've got Fight Night -- we're incredibly excited about Fight Night -- but boxing, for me, sadly feels like it's the past of fighting and mixed martial arts feels like it's the future of fighting."

But don't hold your breath for an EA Sports mixed martial arts video game anytime soon. THQ has the exclusive UFC rights to develop video games until 2011, which means an EA Sports video game will not include UFC fighters as well as an eight-sided cage.

"You just can't do a mixed martial arts game with no license and no fighters and THQ has that," Miller said in an interview the same day with VentureBeat.

Until Moore can determine if there is a room for EA Sports to develop a mixed martial arts game without the UFC licenses, mixed martial arts fans will be left with only one option, THQ's "UFC Undisputed" video games.

"THQ has the license, and there's nothing we're going to do about that," Moore explained. "Until we can make a difference and do something very different, we'll continue to watch."