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Dana White Vows That UFC Will Not Raise Pay-Per-View Prices

UFC President Dana White makes it as plain as he can that prices for UFC pay-per-views aren't going up: "I'll f**king go on record right now and say I will not raise pay-per-view," White said. "I won't do it."

Currently, the UFC charges $44.95 to watch its pay-per-view shows in standard definition and $54.95 for high definition. That's on the high end in the pay-per-view business, although big boxing matches sometimes cost as much as $60. White said the UFC is trying to be sensitive to economic realities in not raising prices, and in some cases lowering ticket prices.

The UFC seems to be doing just fine in pay-per-views despite the tanking economy, with three of its four best-selling cards ever taking place in the last five months. White seems to think the bad economy in some respects helps the UFC, because a group of friends can get together at someone's house, pool their money to buy the UFC card, and spend less than they would if they all went to a bar or restaurant.

"The UFC is a cheap night at home," White said. "It's a cheap night of entertainment."

Video via Cage Writer and Bloody Elbow.

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