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Commission: No action yet on 'Greasegate'

No action was taken by the Nevada State Athletic Commission during a hearing today to review allegations that Georges St-Pierre intentionally greased in his welterweight title fight against BJ Penn at UFC 94 in January.

The formal hearing was requested by Penn after the UFC lightweight champ filed a complaint on March 9 alleging that St-Pierre not only knowingly applied vaseline to his body but that the Canadian superstar also ingested a substance prior to the fight to increase his body's slipperiness during the fight.

Among the suggestions in Penn's complaint were for Pierre, Nurse, Jackson and other members of his camp to receive fine and suspensions; for St-Pierre to be required to submit to a pre-fight supervised and monitored shower for future bouts; and for the result of the Jan. 31 main event to be changed to a no contest.

St-Pierre defeated Penn with ground and pound strikes after four rounds of action at UFC 94. With St-Pierre clearly the more dominant fighter that night, the doctor and Penn's cornermen called off the fight.

In support of St-Pierre were testimonies from cornerman Phil Nurse (who applied the vaseline during the fight) and trainer Greg Jackson. St-Pierre was not in attendance. Nurse reitterated that he was simply assisting St-Pierre in a breathing technique.

The commission reviewed footage of the fight in between rounds. Penn's attorney provided additional footage that was not viewed in the hearing but will be reviewed by the commission at a further date.

The commission may still take action but would likely be regulatory instead of disciplinary.

A date for a future hearing was not scheduled.