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Ultimate Fighter 9 Video Preview

TUF 9 Anarchy

Here's a look at Season 9 of The Ultimate Fighter, which debuts on April 1 on Spike.

We know the basic formula for this season: There's an American team coached by Dan Henderson and a British team coached by Michael Bisping. But there are a couple things I'm curious about.

For starters, is there a talent gap between the American fighters and the British fighters? There is certainly a much deeper pool of fighters that the UFC had to draw from in choosing Team USA than there was in choosing Team UK. But that doesn't necessarily mean the 16 Americans the UFC picked are better fighters than the 16 Brits the UFC picked.

And then there's the question of how much manufactured controversy we'll see between the Brits and the Americans. I'd prefer not to see a house full of Junie Browning clones, going out of their way to act like jerks, and I'd especially prefer not to see a jingoistic element added to the mix. But if Junie Browning-style controversy is what brings in the ratings, you can bet that's what Season 9 will be about.

UPDATE: Our friend Steve Cofield of Cage Writer provides this video, in which UFC President Dana White reveals that he never had to go to The Ultimate Fighter house this year, but there were some heated disputes between the Americans and the Brits:

Video via MMA Mania.