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Forrest Griffin covers 'UFC Undisputed' video game

Former UFC light-heavyweight champ Forrest Griffin will grace the cover of the upcoming "UFC 2009 Undisputed" video game, which be released on May 19 for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.

Griffin will appear on the cover of the US edition of the game. Welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre will be on the cover of the official release in Canada.

Developed by Yuke's Osaka, the game is the first under the UFC's exclusive video game deal with THQ in 2007.

The last UFC video game was "UFC: Sudden Impact" for the Playstation 2 in 2004 and featured Phil Baroni on the cover kneeing the late Charles "Mask" Lewis of TapouT fame. "UFC: Throwdown" in 2002 had Tito Ortiz hitting a flying knee on Lewis. The heads of Ortiz, Chuck Liddell and Mark Kerr were on the cover of the first game, "UFC: Tapout" in early 2002.

Official Website for "UFC 2009 Undisputed"