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Filed under:'s UFC Rankings - March 2009 ranks the UFC divisions following the results from UFC 95 and 95.

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Shane Carwin shoots up to number six with his impressive knockout over Gabriel Gonzaga at UFC 96.

Junior Dos Santos stays at number five by proving he's no flash in a pan. The Brazilian followed his surprising UFC 90 win over Fabricio Wedrum by finishing his next opponent at UFC 95 in 54 seconds.

Wanderlei Silva exits the light-heavyweight rankings as he transitions towards middleweigiht.

Rich Franklin, Silva's UFC 99 opponent in a catchweight of 195 pounds, leaves the middleweight rankings but enters at number ten in the light-heavyweight list.

Diego Sanchez debuts on the lightweight list at number four after his win over Joe Stevenson at UFC 95. Sanchez exits the welterweight list.

Carlos Condit, the final WEC welterweight champion, is placed at number seven but will he stay there or plummet? He takes on Martin Kampmann in the main event of UFC Fight Night 18 on April 1.

Paulo Thiago, most likely brought in to lose against Josh Koscheck (the UFC only signed Thiago to a one-fight contract), shocked everyone with a knockout victory against Koscheck at UFC 95. Thiago takes the number five welterweight spot... for now.

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