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Will Sports Books Accept Wagers on Shamrock vs. Lashley?

When Ken Shamrock steps into the ring against Bobby Lashley on March 21, the two former pro wrestling stars will be fighting in a legitimate, sanctioned mixed martial arts competition. But it appears that as far as the sports books are concerned, Shamrock vs. Lashley is more like WWE than MMA.

I've checked with a few different sources in the sports gambling world to find out if anyone is taking bets on Shamrock vs. Lashley, and I've been met mostly with silence. The only direct answer I got was that one book, which asked not to be identified, doesn't plan on offering odds because it doesn't view Shamrock vs. Lashley as a competitive fight. So far, I haven't found any sports book, anywhere, allowing people to place bets on Shamrock vs. Lashley.

So why won't any books take action on Shamrock vs. Lashley? I think it's because, in the words of our friends at, the betting public views it as an epic squash match. The sports books like to set odds in a way that encourages equal betting on both sides, but when it comes to this fight, there might not be odds long enough to entice bettors to put money on Shamrock.