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UFC 96: Was Keith Jardine 10 Seconds Away From Beating Rampage Jackson?

In Quinton "Rampage" Jackson's UFC 96 win over Keith Jardine Saturday night was close enough that Jardine says a judge told him that until the last 10 seconds of the third round, he was winning the fight.

But is it really true that through the first 4:50 of the third round, Jardine was winning?

I have my doubts. I gave the first round to Jardine (as did two of the three judges) and the second to Jackson (as did all three judges), so I agree with the judges that the winner of the third round was going to be the winner of the fight. But I disagree with the judge who told Jardine that he was winning through 4:50. I thought Jackson was the more effective fighter in the third, and the left hook that dropped Jardine with just seconds remaining was only the clinching blow.

The stats at basically back up what I thought while watching it live: In the third round, CompuStrike says Jackson landed 42 strikes to 27 for Jardine. That last punch at the very end of the third round was a big one, but Jackson had done more than Jardine leading up to that punch.

So was Jardine really just 10 seconds away from beating Jackson? Apparently he was on one judge's scorecard. But I'm betting the other two judges would have given the third round to Jackson even without that final knockdown, and Jackson would still have won the decision.