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Frank Mir out of title fight vs. Brock Lesnar

UFC interim heavyweight champ Frank Mir has suffered an injury that will force him out of an undisputed title fight against champ Brock Lesnar at UFC 98 on May 23 in Las Vegas.

Mir confirmed Friday evening his injury and withdrawal in an interview with at the Arnolds Sports Expo. The injury was first reported by

"Hopefully the summertime," Mir said, when asked when he'll fight Lesnar. "It was supposed to be May 23 but I needed some scope done to my knee, so I got it done immediately last week. It'll be rushing to try to fight that soon because I can't really train for four to six weeks as far as sparring and wrestling and the real forms of training. Obviously I can hit the tread, but that's not a good idea, to get in shape for a fight on a treadmill." has learned that the a new main event for UFC 98 will be announced tonight at UFC 96.