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UFC 96: Matt Hamill-Mark Munoz Preview and Prediction

Matt Hamill vs. Mark Munoz
The Hammer Nickname The Philippine Wrecking Machine
5-2 Record 5-0
No. 17 light heavyweight
Rank No. 92 light heavyweight
4-1 (T)KO Record 3-0
0-0 Sub. Record 0-0
1-1 Dec. Record 1-0
W-1 Streak W-5
205 Weight 205
6-2 Height 6-0
32 Age 31
wrestling Background wrestling

Matt Hamill will fight Mark Munoz on Saturday night at UFC 96. The full preview is below.

Hamill says about Munoz: "It's going to be a war. ... I have fought wrestlers before but Mark has more technique in wrestling that will give me a challenge."

Munoz says about Hamill: "He's made a great name for himself in the UFC. I feel honored to fight Matt for my debut. But I've been training extremely hard for this fight, and I will come prepared for anyone who steps foot in the cage with me."

Why Hamill is favored: He's more experienced, better known and has faced much more difficult opposition over the course of his career.

Why Munoz could pull the upset: We don't know how good Munoz is because he hasn't fought anyone good enough to test him. He's probably a better pure wrestler than Hamill, and that makes him a different kind of opponent than Hamill is accustomed to fighting.

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Munoz Links:
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Prediction: Hamill is bigger, stronger and has better stand-up and should earn a TKO win.