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Yushin Okami vs. Dan Miller at UFC 98

It's not an easy road to the middleweight title for Yushin Okami. The UFC has added Okami vs. Dan Miller to the main card of UFC 98 on May 23 in Las Vegas.

Okami (24-4) is taking a huge risk by accepting a fight -- let alone one against an opponent the caliber of Miller -- when he's steps from a title shot. UFC president Dana White has said that Okami will get a shot at the belt sometime this year.

Winning his UFC debut at UFC 62 in August 2006, Okami has gone on to record seven victories of his eight UFC fights. His only loss was against Rich Franklin via unanimous decision.

Miller (11-1) has won all three of his UFC fights and has been undefeated since April 2006. In May 2008, Miller won the IFL middleweight championship with a kneebar over Ryan McGivern.


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