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UFC 96: Matt Brown-Pete Sell Preview

Matt Brown vs. Pete Sell
The Immortal Nickname Drago
8-7 Record 8-4
4-0 (T)KO Record 0-3
4-5 Sub. Record 3-0
0-2 Dec. Record 5-1
W-1 Streak W-1
170 Weight 170
5-7 Height 5-11
28 Age 26
Team Jorge Gurgel Camp Serra Jiu-Jitsu

Matt Brown will fight Pete Sell on Saturday night at UFC 96. The full preview is below.

What's at stake for both fighters? They may need to win to keep their UFC contracts. In the UFC, fighters who don't produce get cut, and both of these guys are borderline. The Brown-Sell loser might be out of the UFC.

Why is this fight on the main card? Because both guys are fairly well known from The Ultimate Fighter, and because Brown is from Columbus, so the home crowd will get behind him. But this isn't a great fight; I wouldn't put either guy in the Top 25 welterweights in the world.

Why Sell is favored: Sell is bigger, stronger and has a better ground game.

Why Brown could pull the upset: Brown has better stand-up and better punching power.

Brown Links:
Official site | UFC profile | Sherdog record | Wikipedia entry

Sell Links:
Official site | UFC profile | Sherdog record | Wikipedia entry

Prediction: Look for Sell to win by submission, and Brown to exit the UFC.