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Nam Phan vs. Hideki Kadowaki at 'Sengoku 7'

Vietnamese-born Nam Phan will face former Shooto champion Hideki Kadowaki at World Victory Road "Sengoku 7" on March 20 in Tokyo, Japan. They will meet in the first round of the promotion's Featherweight Grand Prix.

Phan (14-4) is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu brown belt out of Southern California. He has had two fights with the Strikeforce promotion, including a unanimous decision loss to current champion Josh Thomson. Phan won seven consecutive fights from February 2005 through September 2006 in six King of the Cage shows and one Full Contact Promotions show.

Kadowaki (11-7-2) has been fighting for Shooto since late 2000 and like Phan, excels in grappling. The former lightweight champ's last two wins were against Japanese legend Rumina Sato and former champ Akitoshi Tamura.

World Victory Road hasn't announced any of other featherweight matchups, but today named PRIDE veteran James Thompson's opponent: Big Jim York. Also, Kim Jong Man is the final entrant into the featherweight tournament, rounding out the 16 competitiors.

World Victory Road: Sengoku 7 will air live on HDNet on Friday, March 20 at midnight PT. For those preferring not to stay up, the show will be repeated at 10:00 p.m. ET.


Non-Tournament Bouts

  • Ryo Kawamura vs King Mo
  • James Thompson vs. Big Jim York

Featherweight Grand Prix

  • Hideki Kadowaki vs. Nam Phan
  • Hatsu Hioki
  • Marlon Sandro
  • Ronnie Ushiwaka (Ronnie Mann)
  • Chris Manuel
  • Nick Denis
  • Masanori Kanehara
  • Tetsuya Yamada
  • Chang Son Jon
  • Michihiro Omikawa
  • Shintaro Ishiwatari
  • Seiya Kawahara
  • Matt Jagger
  • L.C. Davis
  • Kim Jong Man