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Ex-EliteXC VP Jared Shaw: 'I Have Been Singled Out as the Bad Guy'

Jared Shaw, the former vice president of EliteXC, has given his first interview since the organization folded in October, and he says he believes that the MMA promotion's failures have been unfairly pinned on him.

Shaw tells Ariel Helwani of
I believe in some way I have been singled out as the bad guy. Some people want to blame me for the demise of the company, but those that were close know the truth. I haven't gone on the record with anybody because I don't really have anything to say. I know what I brought to the table, and I believe in karma. I believe in what goes around comes around, and those that were responsible for the demise – and it's not one person in general – they all know it and they've all felt it. I don't need to point my finger at anyone.
Despite saying he doesn't want to point fingers, Shaw does have some negative opinions to share, including saying of Ken Shamrock, "I got no respect for that guy." Shaw also talks about Kimbo Slice, Seth Petruzelli, and Strikeforce's acquisition of many EliteXC fighters. The whole interview is worth a read.

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