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Fabricio Werdum Tarnishes His Reputation, Calls Out Kimbo Slice

Fabricio Werdum is a very skilled mixed martial artist. He has world-class Brazilian jiu jitsu, and although his chin was exposed the last time he fought for the UFC, he's still considered by many to be one of the top 10 heavyweights in MMA.

But while Werdum is good at fighting, he really should stop talking. In September he started saying the UFC owed him a title shot, and that made him look rather foolish when Junior "Cigano" dos Santos knocked him out in October. Shortly after that loss, the UFC dropped him.

Werdum hasn't fought since then, but he has kept talking, and he's increasingly making himself look like a fool with his contradictory statements. He gave an interview to Tatame last month in which he talked about wanting to fight great fighters like Andrei Arlovski, Josh Barnett or Fedor Emelianenko, and he decried the UFC heavyweight division as "weak." That's certainly an opinion he's entitled to -- but it's an opinion that makes what he says in the above video look especially ridiculous.

Yes, Werdum now says he's going to fight for Strikeforce, and that he'd like to take on Kimbo Slice. And that's just stupid. Does anyone take Werdum seriously when he says the UFC heavyweight division is weak, says he wants to fight the best, and then says he wants to fight Kimbo, a guy who made a name for himself by posting street fights on YouTube and who has no MMA skills whatsoever?

I have nothing against Kimbo. He's a big, tough-looking guy, and he recognized that there was a market for online videos featuring big, tough-looking guys getting into fights. He then turned his Internet fame into a lucrative deal to fight for EliteXC, and now that Strikeforce has purchased most of EliteXC's assets, he'll probably start making some pretty good money fighting for Strikeforce. Kimbo is a good businessman.

But Kimbo is not a good fighter. Werdum is a good fighter, and he should stop tarnishing his reputation by stooping so low as to talk about Kimbo like he'd be a legitimate opponent.

UPDATE: The folks at Strikeforce tell me they're talking to Werdum but haven't signed him.

Video previously seen at MMA Mania.