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WEC 39 'Brown vs. Garcia' Play-By-Play Results

WEC 39 results from the American Bank Center in Corpus Christi, Texas.

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Fight #1 - Rob "Razor" McCullough (156) vs. Marcus Hicks (155.5)

R1: They circle for the first 55 seconds. Hicks comes in and misses on a punch combo. Hicks clinches with McCullough and the two wrestle for position. The referee separates them and they're restarted at 2:39. Hicks throws an overhand left. Hicks goes for another. McCullough connects on a leg kick at 1:38. The fighters are hearing the boos from the crowd. Hicks shoots and they are back in clinch. The referee separates them and they restart with 40 seconds left in the round. Hicks lands a kick and McCullough answers. McCullough with a leg kick.

An uneventful first round that's arguably a draw. The slight edge goes to Hicks. scores the round 10-9 for Hicks.

R2: They box but both are tentative. McCullough lands a leg kick. Hicks drops McCullough with a left punch and goes straight for the guillotine. McCullough escapes at 3:41 and he's angry, raining down lefts and rights. Hicks gets the fight up and soon gets kicked below the belt. After a brief rest, they go back at it with 3 minutes left. McCullough moves in with a combo of punches that's finished off with a kick. They clinch. McCullough punches out of the clinch. McCullough aggressively attacks and they clinch again. McCullough with a flurry of punches. McCullough adds kicks. Hicks appears tired. Hicks throws an overhand and McCullough fires back with a flying knee. scores the round 10-9 for McCullough.

R3: They explore the feeling out process again and hear the boos. McCullough throws kicks that are blocked. Hicks sneaks in a straight right and takes an inside leg kick. Hick with another left, and McCullough with another leg kick. McCullough with a kick to the body is blocked. They continue their kickboxing fight but aren't very active. The referee threatens to call the fight a no contest if they don't engage. Hicks goes for a takedown but it's defended. McCullough comes in with a series of punches, and also a knee to end the round and lackluster fight.

Neither fighter came out a winner, but McCullough scores just enough to win the round and the fight. scores the round 10-9 for McCullough and the fight 29-28 for McCullough.

And the official scores are all over the place. One judge scored the fight a draw 29-29 and the two other called it 30-27 and 29-28 for McCullough.

McCullough wins via majority decision

Fight #2 - Jose Aldo (145.5) vs. Chris Mickle (145)

R1: Aldo swings a high kick and misses. Mickle fights back with a combination of punches. Aldo works the kicks. Mickle reaches with punches. Aldo is the better striker. Aldo goes for a knee. Aldo with nonstop left and right punches. Mickle remains standing but he's only covering up and not doing anything to escape and the referee calls the fight.

Aldo wins via TKO - R1 (1:39)

Fight #3 - Bart Palaszewski (155.5) vs. Ricardo Lamas (154.5)

R1: They circle. Palaszewski throws first, a kick that grazes Lamas' leg. Palaszewski lands another at 4:17. Palaszewski throws one more and Lama answers. Lama takes Palaszewski down. Palaszewski works from his guard and was almost able to get a triangle choke. Lamas breaks free and drops down a hard punch. Lamas tries to pass but ends up working for a single-leg. Lamas finishes the takedown at 1:28 as Palaszewksi attempts a shoulderlock. Lamas throws down heavy left and rights. Lamas lands a couple more punches as Palaszewski stands up. Palaszewski with a flurry to end the round. Palaszewski has a cut under his left eye. scores the round 10-9 for Lamas.

R2: Lamas approaches with a punch and lands a leg kick. Palaszewski lands a leg kick. Lamas shoots and he's stuffed. They battle in clinch. Lamas tries a hip toss but Palaszewski quickly stands up. Lamas drops down for the double at 2:45 and switches to control Palaszewski's back. Lamas lands a kick from behind. Palaszewski goes for the kimura again and Lamas rolls out. Lamas goes back for more ground and pound from standing. Palaszewski holds onto the kimura attempt. They stand up and Lamas with a flurry. Pretty big upset if Lamas can keep this up. scores the round 10-9 for Lamas.

R3: Lamas with leg kicks. Palaszewski stalks Lamas. Lamas hits Palaszewski low from a flying knee that ended up as a kick. Palaszewski moves forward with a combo of punches. Lamas continues to back away. Palaszewski throws a kick to the body. Lamas catches a kick and goes for the double leg takedown. Lamas picks up his opponent and slams him. Lamas stands to his feet and works to pass to side. Palaszewski puts Lamas into his guard. Lamas pushes Palasewski against the cage. Palaszewski wants the sweep but Lamas won't give it to him. Lamas works punches in Palaszewski's guard. They stand up in clinch with 16 seconds left. And the fight ends there. Lamas puts himself on the map with this dominant win on less than a week's notice. scores the round 10-9 and the fight 30-27 for Lamas.

All three judges see it the same way.

Lamas wins via unanimous decision

Fight #4 - Mike Brown (144.25) vs. Leonard Garcia (145)

R1: Brown drops Leonard with a right. Brown works for a rear-naked choke but Garcia escapes into guard. Brown makes Garcia pay with elbows. Brown locks in the arm-triangle choke for the tap out.

Brown wins via submission - R1 (1:57)


1. Mike Pierce def. Justin Haskins via TKO (punches) - R3 (3:39)
2. John Franchi def. Mike Budnik via split decision
3. Alex Karalexis def. Greg McIntyre via TKO (punches) - R1 (4:19)
4. Kenji Osawa def. Rafael Rebello via split decision
5. Johny Hendricks def. Alex Serdyukov via unanimous decision
6. Damacio Page def. Marcos Galvao via KO (punches) - R1 (0:18)
7. Danny Castillo def. Phil Cardella via split decision
8. "Razor" Rob McCullough def. Marcus Hicks via majority decision
9. Jose Aldo def. Chris Mickle via TKO (punches) - R1 (1:39)
10. Ricardo Lamas def. Bart Palaszewski via unanimous decision
11. Mike Brown def. Leonard Garcia via submission (arm-triangle choke) - R1 (1:57)