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Georges St. Pierre Video: Alleged Greasing Was a Breathing Technique

Above, see the video that Georges St Pierre's camp has offered to counter claims from BJ Penn that grease was rubbed on St Pierre's body during their fight at UFC 94.

Rubbing any type of lubricant on any part of the body except the face is a violation of MMA rules. Penn claims that St. Pierre's corner rubbed grease on his body between rounds during the fight, that St. Pierre felt slippery, and that as a result Penn was at an unfair competitive disadvantage when St. Pierre beat him.

But the video compiled by St. Pierre's camp indicates that St. Pierre and cornerman Phil Nurse were simply engaging in deep breathing exercises when Nurse was rubbing St. Pierre's back, chest and shoulders, and that any grease that got on St. Pierre's body was a small amount that got there accidentally.

In addition to making that video, St. Pierre's camp sent the Nevada State Athletic Commission a 17-page written response (PDF) to Penn's claims of greasing.

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