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Team Shamrock, Strikeforce contract tryouts

Frank Shamrock, legendary mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter and Five-time Undefeated UFC Middleweight Champion, announced today that he will be holding tryouts for Team Shamrock, his official fight team. One stand out athlete will win a spot to compete at an upcoming Strikeforce event. The tryouts, officially sponsored by TapouT, will take place on March 21, 2009, and will be held from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm at Shamrock's newest mixed martial arts training facility in San Jose California. Shamrock's facility is located within the San Jose Athletic Club on 196 North Third Street.

The fight team tryouts are open to experienced professional fighters with backgrounds in combat sports such as boxing, wrestling; Muay Thai, kickboxing and traditional martial arts; all sizes and weight classes are welcome. Athletes will be required to put all of their mixed martial arts skills to the test against other competitors and will be evaluated by team members and coaches. The tryout process is intense and was specifically designed to showcase each fighters striking and ground techniques, as well as their level of conditioning and personality.

As the official sponsor, TapouT will be providing top of the line TapouT gear to the athletes. Fighters that excel in all levels of the competition will have the potential to train with Frank Shamrock at his academy as an official member of the team. Competitors that earn a coveted spot on Team Shamrock will be awarded a contract opportunity with MMA Stars Inc., a full service management and talent development company for mixed martial arts athletes, and may have the opportunity to work with Strikeforce as well as various reality TV shows and media outlets. Also unique to this try out is the potential for one athlete to be signed with Strikeforce; the world class fight promotion that will be airing their next title fight, Frank Shamrock vs. Nick Diaz, live on SHOWTIME PPV® April 11th.

MMA Legend Frank Shamrock had this to say, "If you are interested in Mixed Martial Arts as a professional career, or if your goal is to take your current career as a professional fighter to world caliber levels, this is where you need to be. Team Shamrock fighters are offered the best training, representation and sponsorship opportunities available in the MMA industry, hands down."

For those interested in becoming a member of Team Shamrock, the cost to try out is $75.00 if you have had less than five professional fights. It is FREE to professional fighters with five or more professional fights (listed on Please bring proof of this on the day of the tryouts. Competitors must provide their own MMA gear for the competition; including shin guards, 16 oz gloves, wraps, MMA gloves, mouth piece, head gear and groin protector. Gear must be clean! Competitors traveling to San Jose for the tryouts must plan their own transportation and must pay for their own flight, hotel, transportation and food. Please call (408) 938-2329 or e-mail for more information.

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