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Mandaloniz cut from the UFC; Kelly moves to 155

Troy "Rudeboy" Mandaloniz was released Thursday by the UFC following his loss to Paul Kelly last Saturday at UFC 95 in London, reports.

"I thought I showed them what I was made of, but I guess not," Mandaloniz said on "I don't think I see too many other fighters out there fighting with the same passion and intensity that I bring."

Mandaloniz (3-2) compiled a 1-1 record with the UFC.

Mandaloniz's opponent Kelly on the otherhand will remain with the company, but as a lightweight.

Kelly tells that his weight is similar to lightweights at the Wolfslair Academy, and will have no problem with a further weight cut.

"I'm definitely dropping to 155 pounds now," Kelly says on "It makes sense. I was eating a big breakfast on the morning of the weigh-in last Friday. While everyone else is dying to make weight, I'm sitting there with a big bowl of muesli and a glass of orange juice. I'll just have to cut 10-pounds and that's it. It's no big deal."

Kelly (8-1) is 2-1 in the UFC as a welterweight with wins over Paul Taylor and Troy Mandaloniz, and a loss to Marcus Davis.

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