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Rampage Jackson in His Own World

As Quinton "Rampage" Jackson prepares to fight Keith Jardine in the main event at UFC 95, he says he's not thinking of anything except getting ready for the fight.

When I asked Jackson on a call today whether he watches other fighters and tries to emulate them, he said that for the most part, he does not.

"I'm in my own little world," Jackson said. "I go to fights, but I don't pay attention to names or anything like that. I'm a fighter and I focus on my own fights."

When I asked Jackson whether his answer would have been different earlier in his career, he mentioned Tito Ortiz as someone he tried to train with and learn from when he was younger. And as if to prove that he doesn't pay attention to other fighters, when he was asked about Demian Maia's recent win at UFC 95, Jackson said he doesn't know who Maia is.

And Rampage also wasn't interested in expressing an opinion about the biggest controversy in MMA right now, the issue of Georges St. Pierre having grease rubbed on his body during his fight with B.J. Penn -- other than to say he knows that he wouldn't need that kind of illegal assistance.

"I'll whoop their ass because I whoop their ass. I don't need any help whooping ass," Jackson said. "I don't know nothing about nothing else."

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