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UFC 95 Video: Josh Koscheck Furious That Ref Gave Paulo Thiago TKO Win

Above, Josh Koscheck reacts to his controversial technical knockout loss to Paulo Thiago at UFC 95. (Warning: Explicit Language)

"Man what the f**k?" Koscheck can be heard saying about the referee's decision to stop the fight after Thiago floored him with an uppercut-hook combination. "I got hit, yeah, of course, I got dropped. But my f**king eyes were open. Everything was fine."

At that point, a member of Koscheck's entourage says, "Your hands were up for defense, you were going to guard."

"Yeah," says Koscheck. "How the f**k?"

When a Telegraph reporter tried to ask Koscheck a couple of questions, Koscheck wasn't interested. But he could later be heard off-camera attacking some chairs the way he probably wished he could attack the referee.

Personally, I agree with Koscheck: As I view the tape, it looks to me like he's defending himself, preparing to pull Thiago into guard, and still in control of his faculties. But the majority of people I've heard from disagree, and say it was a correct stoppage. It was a close enough call that it's hard to find much fault with the referee, even though you can't blame Koscheck for being angry.

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