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Dana White: Cornerman intentionally greased GSP

UFC president Dana White tells the Canadian Press that while Georges St-Pierre was not trying to cheat, his cornerman Phil Nurse did when applying vaseline on St-Pierre at UFC 94 "St-Pierre vs. Penn 2" on Jan. 31.

"I think he absolutely, positively knew that he was rubbing grease on him." White said on Friday during the UFC 95 weigh-ins. "I do. Nobody can tell me different. I watched the tape a million times."

White compared the greasing incident to boxer Antonio Margarito's illegal tactic against Miguel Cotto on Jan. 24. Margarito was found before the fight to have inserted hardened gauze pads in his handwraps. Margarito and his trainer were revoked of their licenses.

White doesn't think St-Pierre should be punished but has suggested that Nurse should face disciplinary action.

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