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UFC 94 Fallout: B.J. Penn Documents 'Cheating' by Georges St. Pierre

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The above video represents the strongest argument I've seen yet from supporters of UFC lightweight champion BJ Penn that UFC welterweight champion Georges St Pierre cheated to win their main event fight at UFC 94.

The video, which was apparently commissioned by Penn himself, suggests that St. Pierre cheated not just by having Vaseline rubbed on his body, but also by excessively grabbing Penn's shorts in the first round and by hitting Penn in the back of the head in the fourth round. The video also features quotes from various people in the MMA world, including former GSP opponents who have said he felt greasy.

If all you knew about the fight was what you saw in the video, you'd think what you saw is incredibly damaging. But, of course, we all know more than what we saw in the video, and we all know this video splices together certain clips to make them appear more ominous than they are.

I've talked to a lot of people in the MMA community about the GSP greasing allegations, and my opinion really hasn't changed since I first wrote about this two and a half weeks ago:

1. Vaseline is definitely not the reason St. Pierre beat Penn.
2. Vaseline on the body is definitely against the rules, and if one of his trainers intentionally broke the rules, there should be consequences.

But the fact that my opinion really hasn't changed on this story in two and a half weeks tells me there isn't a lot more to be said about this. I posted the above video because I think it's worth watching, but I hope we'll be done talking about this soon.

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