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Kimo Leopoldo arrested for meth possession

Kimo Leopoldo was arrested Monday afternoon for possession of a controlled substance, drug paraphernalia and stolen property.

Officers spotted Leopoldo in a shopping mall parking lot wearing a Long Beach Police Department jumpsuit. According to TMZ, Leopoldo was wearing a badge only officers are allowed to wear.

Officers considered the jumpsuit stolen property when Leopoldo had no background in law enforcement and was unable to explain his wardrobe.

Leopoldo was further searched and inside his car was a small amount of methamphetamine and an accompanying pipe.

Leopoldo (10-7-1) is a UFC old schooler who made his UFC debut at UFC 3 in September 2004. He made a comeback in the UFC in June 2003 with a choke submission victory over Tank Abbott, but in his next fight suffered a knockout loss to Ken Shamrock.

Earlier this month, Leopoldo applied for for the position of the executive director of the California State Athletic Commission.

Photo Credit: TMZ

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