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Frank Shamrock on Ken Shamrock: 'Sad ... It's Time to Hang It Up'

Frank Shamrock and his adopted brother Ken Shamrock are two of the legends of mixed martial arts, and because of their fame (and the fact that their feelings for each other go beyond mere sibling rivalry to reveal genuine personal animosity for each other), there has long been a feeling in MMA circles that a fight between them is inevitible.

But after seeing Ken beat up a fat guy on Friday night, Frank indicated that the brother vs. brother fight isn't going to take place -- because he doesn't think Ken should ever fight again.

Frank writes at his personal web site:
i just finished watching the wargods show online. thanks sherdog. can i just say that it was so sad to see Ken Shamrock fighting on a c level show. i wish the best for him but think its time to hang it up.
Obviously, Frank is right that Ken is totally over the hill, and he should probably stop fighting. But I think the real reason Frank feels that way is less about concern for Ken's health than about coming to the realization that Shamrock vs. Shamrock is never going to happen anyway. At this point in their respective careers, Frank is a much better fighter and a much bigger draw than Ken, and Frank is under contract to Strikeforce, a company that has already declared that it won't do business with Ken.

In any event, all indications are that Ken is not going to take Frank's advice, and is instead planning a fight with Tank Abbott some time in the next few months.

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