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MMA Top 10 Featherweights: 'The WEC Title Is the Title for 145-Pounders'

Above, Leonard Garcia discusses his World Extreme Cagefighting featherweight title fight against Mike Brown at WEC 39. Garcia says, "The WEC title is the title for 145-pounders," and I think he's right. Although the upcoming Dream featherweight tournament will be interesting, the two best 145-pound fights this year are likely to be Garcia vs. Brown on March 1 and the winner of that fight vs. Urijah Faber in the summer.

My full MMA featherweight rankings are below.

MMA Top 10 -- Featherweights
1. Mike Brown
2. Urijah Faber
3. Leonard Garcia
4. Kid Yamamoto
5. Wagnney Fabiano
6. Hatsu Hioki
7. Takeshi Inoue
8. Jeff Curran
9. Dokonjonosuke Mishima
10. Yuji Hoshino

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