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War Machine apologizes for Obama, Bellator comments

War Machine, also known as Jon Koppenhaver, sent out a message Wednesday night apologizing for his recent string of comments and admitting he purposely made controversial comments for the purpose of marketing himself.

As you all know I post some very controversial bulletins, a few of which have affected my career in a very negative way. At this I feel the need to clear a few things up. First, I need to admit that my comment regarding Obama was completely out of line. In all sincerity I do not wish any harm done to the President and I realize that it was a very stupid thing to write so I am publicly apologizing to the President and to his supporters.

In the beginning of my career it was brought to my attention (by some ignorant advisors, which I now realize) that my image as a professional fighter is more marketable if I am controversial. Controversy does grab attention. Part of creating that controversy is consistently saying things in a public format that I know will cause a reaction. Along with my loyal fans, I know that part of my popularity as a fighter is that people want to see me get my ass kicked. I knew that my Obama bulletin would gain me more fans as well as make a lot more people hate me and that was exactly the reaction I was going for. Obama is one of the most loved people in the country right now.

Once I thought it through, it was too late. I removed the post an hour later. But the harm was done. So, at this point I'm being a man and I'm publicly admitting that I was wrong. What I wrote was stupid. So once again I want to reiterate the point that I really do not hope anything bad happens to him.

I also want to man up and apologize for my comments that I made regarding the Bellator Fighting Championship, ESPN and Disney. You can't imagine the frustration of training day after day, week after week, year after year, to do one thing: FIGHT. I was really looking forward to showcasing my ability in that tournament. There's no way for you to imagine the heartbreak I felt when I found out that I wasn't going to be able to compete. Looking back now, I realize that if I ran an up and coming professional organization like Bellator, I wouldn't want my event associated with a "wild card" posting crazy shit about the President either. I understand why they did what they did. I admit that. I'm still pissed that I can't compete in the tournament, but there is no one I can be pissed at other than MYSELF.

The last thing I want to address is my recent arrest Saturday night. There is a lot of B.S. information online and I want to clear things up. I was not out drinking, and I wasn't hanging out in that club. I was employed there. The incident occurred with a co-worker and a 300lbs. doorman at that. After discussing what really happened with my attorneys, I am confident that once all is said and done, it will be easy to prove that I did not commit any battery that night. I'd love to get into details, but I can't right now.

A month ago I moved back to Las Vegas to take advantage of the training partners and resources at Xtreme Couture and I have been training harder and with more intensity and discipline than at any point in my life. I only have one real goal in my MMA career: to prove to myself and to the world that I am the best. I know that I can compete against the best in the world and I can beat them. All over the underground people are saying that my career is finished, that I'm self-destructing, and that I'm a "loose cannon."

What I have to say to those people is this: WATCH ME. I am one of the hardest working fighters in MMA today. Though I admit I've made a couple of dumb decisions, I want the world to know that I will prove every critic wrong. I'll fight wherever I can, and I'll prove that I belong at the very top. I thank my supporters for sticking by me, and I dare my haters to bet against me.

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