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Takanori Gomi started his training

After being defeated by Satoru Kitaoka at "Sengoku no Ran" on January 4, Takanori Gomi was taking his time to find the reason why he fought. After watching UFC 94 in Las Vegas, he updates his blog and said, "I know it's almost time for me to wake up to reality. I need to think about my gym and training without escaping. I think I found something very important in this trip."

"I went to the gym today. I thank my fans for sending me many letters and gifts. I'm not just partying everyday anymore. I started to train wrestling today. I'm sure I can be a strong fighter again when I'm motivated." said Gomi in his blog on February 5.

He updated his blog after training on February 10: "Please look forward to seeing me coming back to the ring patiently."

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