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Frank Shamrock Prepares for Nick Diaz, Plans to Fight Ken Shamrock Some Day

Frank Shamrock says all of his focus is on his fight with Nick Diaz in the main event of the April 11 Strikeforce event on Showtime. But he also says he expects to fight his adopted brother, Ken Shamrock, at some point.

"It's a fight I want to do," Frank Shamrock said Tuesday on a call to promote the Diaz fight. "It's a compelling story. Ken is going through some personal and emotional problems right now, and we'll let him work that out, but this fight is very important to me. ... And I think it's important that I kick his ass."

The Shamrock brothers, who were adopted later in life and did not grow up together, have long had a love-hate relationship and have jawed at each other in the media. A Shamrock vs. Shamrock fight has been discussed for years, but their age (Frank is 36 years old and Ken turns 45 on Wednesday) has led some fans to conclude that the fight will never happen.

Frank Shamrock, however, said that even though he's getting older, he's not planning to cut back on his fighting.

"I plan to fight more often," he said. "I had a program of fighting twice a year, but as I get older I want to fight a little closer together so I don't get out of shape."

Ken Shamrock (who was last seen backing out of a fight against Kimbo Slice because of a last-minute injury) has a fight scheduled in a minor-league promotion Saturday, and Frank Shamrock says he's not planning to watch. For now, Frank says all his focus is on his fight with Diaz, which will be contested at a catch weight of 179 pounds.

"He's a guy who throws and talks trash," Frank said of Diaz. "And on April 11 I'm going to knock him out."

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