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Ken Shamrock says next bout a throwback to old UFCs

Ken Shamrock returns to action on Friday in Fresno, California, and he'll be giving up over a hundred pounds.

Shamrock (26-13-2) will be fighting at an event he's co-promoting, "Valentine's Eve Massacre" against Ross Clifton (6-8), who is being billed as 6-foot-8 and 350 pounds.

"This is a great throwback fight, when size didn't matter because in the old MMA there were no rules," Shamrock says. "Guys would fight guys that were 100-150 pounds bigger than they were."

The UFC, which began in November 1993, did not introduce weight classes until UFC 12 in February 1997, where Mark Coleman and Jerry Bohlander became the first ever UFC heavyweight (200 pounds and over) and lightweight (under 200 pounds) champions, respectively.

In Shamrock's last scheduled fight, a heavyweight scrap that fell through against Kimbo Slice at an EliteXC event on CBS, he weighed in at 206.5 pounds.

They'll be another old school element to the fight as Clifton trains out of the gym of Cal Worsham, who competed in the UFC in 1995-1996.

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