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UFC vet Ian Freeman facing jail time over tax evasion

UFC veteran Ian "The Machine" Freeman and his wife both pled guilty to tax fraud and could receive jail time. They will be sentenced on March 3.

According to the BBC News, it is believed that Freeman, 42, stopped paying taxes in 1997 after leaving his job as a security guard. Since, he's released a book, fought professionally, promoted fight events, but didn't report those activities when filing his taxes. Instead, he claimed he lived off his wife's salary as a pharmacy assistant.

"Mr. Freeman's blatant disregard for the tax system is beyond belief," HM Revenue & Customs North East head of investigation, Peter Hollier said in the report.

Freeman is the final Cage Rage British light-heavyweight champion and a six-time UFC competitor. Freeman went 3-2-1 in the Octagon, which includes a TKO win over current UFC champion Frank Mir.

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