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Jon Jones a Future UFC Superstar

Above is Dana White's video blog for UFC 94, and the conversation at the 11:05 mark gives me a good opportunity to bring up just what an amazing performance we got on Saturday from Jon Jones, who defeated Stephan Bonnar by unanimous decision, improving his pro MMA record to 8-0.

First, let's not forget that just beating Bonnar is an impressive accomplishment. Until Saturday, the only people who had beaten Bonnar were current UFC light heavyweight champion Rashad Evans, previous UFC light heavyweight champion Forrest Griffin, and the man I believe will be the next UFC light heavyweight champion, Lyoto Machida. For Jones -- at age 21 -- to add his name to that list is incredible.

And then let's consider the way Jones beat Bonnar. Jones secured an incredible nine takedowns against Bonnar, which that statistical analysts at CompuStrike say is the most takedowns they've ever tabulated in any MMA fight. Jones (who was an excellent junior college wrestler and has two brothers who are defensive linemen at Syracuse) looked incredibly strong and athletic against Bonnar, and I think he's the kind of guy who represents the next generation of MMA fighters -- great all-around athletes who could excel in a number of sports and choose to focus on MMA.

White's video blog shows a conversation between Jones and UFC announcer Joe Rogan backstage at the MGM Grand after the show.

"You've got some of the best throws in MMA," Rogan told him. "Your timing on those throws is sick. ... Big victory tonight. Stephan Bonnar is legit."

Jones rubbed some people the wrong way by getting in Bonnar's face at Friday's weigh-in, but he came across as quiet and humble on Saturday night, both in his post-fight interview in the Octagon and in the above video, where he sheepishly replies to Rogan's prase by saying, "I've been putting a lot of time in at freestyle and Greco."

After that, we see White trying to cheer Bonnar up by telling him there's no shame in his loss because Jones "that kid's f***ing young, he's f***ing fast, he's explosive, he's strong." I agree with that; it's not that Bonnar fought badly, it's just that he walked into a buzz saw when he walked into the Octagon against Jones.

The nine takedowns were the story of the fight, but Jones isn't just a wrestler. He also had some good punches, kicks and knees against Bonnar, and his spinning back elbow was probably the single coolest move any fighter executed at UFC 94. This young man has future star written all over him. I can't wait to see what he does next.

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