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Georges St. Pierre Defeated B.J. Penn in UFC 94 -- With Help From Vaseline?

During his dominant win over B.J. Penn at UFC 94, Georges. St. Pierre appeared to have petroleum jelly applied to his shoulders and back by Phil Nurse, one of his cornermen.

That would be a violation of MMA rules, and it has a lot of UFC fans abuzz.

Here are my basic feelings on the matter:

1. Vaseline is definitely not the reason St. Pierre beat Penn.
2. Vaseline on the body is definitely against the rules, and if one of his trainers intentionally broke the rules, there should be consequences.

GSP's camp says the Vaseline was applied unintentionally. According to GSP and his trainers, Nurse had been applying Vaseline to St. Pierre's face (which is legal) and then was rubbing down the muscles of his back and shoulder before he had wiped all the Vaseline off his hands.

But Penn's camp doesn't buy it, and they've filed a formal complaint.

My own feeling is that this will blow over, but any time there are allegations of cheating in a major fight like this one, they need to be closely examined. For more, check out Cage Writer, Fight Opinion, MMA Weekly, Cage Potato, Fight Linker, Bloody Elbow and MMA Mania.

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