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Kimo Leopoldo applies for CSAC exec officer position

An unlikely face has applied for the position of the Executive Officer of the California State Athletic Commission.

Kimo Leopoldo, most notable for fighting Royce Gracie at UFC 3, applied last week for the job.

"MMA is in a fragile state in California and it needs guidance," Leopoldo said. "I have had my ups and downs in this industry but, overall, I have 14 valuable years of real life experience in MMA and kickboxing that nobody can take away from me.

"Arnold Schwarzenegger became Governor of California with little or no experience managing in the political arena. Like Arnold, I've never claimed to be a saint. However, unlike Arnold, I already have extensive experience for the position I have applied for. I think Governor Schwarzenegger is doing a good job and I hope to follow in his path."

It's important to note that Leopoldo is affiliated with New Era Fighting, a promotion which mixes the theatrics of pro wrestling with real MMA fighting. Also, New Era Fighting filed a $500,000 lawsuit against the CSAC last October for a licensing dispute when the commission canceled one of New Era's fighter tryouts.

Bill Douglas, promoted to Assistant Executive Officer, and Dean Lohuis currently serve as interim officers. Armando Garcia resigned as Executive Officer last November after over three years of service.

Leopoldo (10-7) is a six-time UFC competitor and a two-time PRIDE fighter. His last fight was a TKO loss to Wes Sims at an X-1 event in Hawaii on Oct. 6, 2006.

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