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FieLDS K-1 Dynamite! 2008 Results

Below are the full results for the New Year's Eve FieLDS K-1 Dynamite! 2008 show from Japan, which includes a very good lightweight MMA fight between Japan's Shinya Aoki and Philadelphia's Eddie Alvarez.

Although there's no live TV broadcast of this show, you might be planning to watch the fights on tape delay, in which case you might not want any spoilers. If that's the case, you don't want to read the results below, which started coming in very early Wednesday morning in the United States.

If you just want to know who won and how, you can find out below.

MMA: Ikuhisa Minowa beat Errol Zimmerman by first-round submission
MMA: Daisuke Nakamura beat Hideo Tokoro by first-round TKO
MMA: Andy Ologun beat Yukio Sakaguchi by first-round KO
MMA: Bob Sapp beat Kinnikuman (Akihito Tanaka) by first-round TKO
MMA: Semmy Schilt beat Mighty Mo by first-round submission
MMA: Hayato "Mach" Sakurai beat Katsuyori Shibata by first-round TKO
MMA: Mirko Cro Cop beat Hong-Man Choi by first-round TKO
MMA: Melvin Manhoef beat Mark Hunt by first-round KO
MMA: Shinya Aoki beats Eddie Alvarez by first-round submission
MMA: Kiyoshi Tamura beat Kazushi Sakuraba by unanimous decision
MMA: Joachim Hansen vs. JZ Calvan has been canceled

K-1: Alistair Overeem beat Badr Hari by first-round KO
K-1: Tatsuya Kawajiri beat Kozo Takeda by first-round TKO
K-1: Koya Urabe beat Ryuya Kusakabe by third-round TKO
K-1: Hiroya beat Shota Shimada by unanimous decision
K-1: Hiroya beat Koya Urabe by four-round unanmious decision
K-1: Artur Kyshenko beat Yoshihiro Sato by majority decision
K-1: Gegard Mousasi beat Musashi by first-round TKO

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