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Four Years After The Ultimate Fighter, Mike Whitehead Still Hates Rashad Evans

On the second season of The Ultimate Fighter, Rashad Evans and Mike Whitehead had plenty of personal animosity in the house and had a fight in the Octagon. That was almost four years ago, but Whitehead made clear after Evans beat Forrest Griffin at UFC 92 that he still can't stand Evans:

"Forrest lost to a guy that I don't have a lot of respect for," Whitehead said. "I just hate the way that f**king Rashad goes out, just the way he carries himself, he's almost as bad as Tito [Ortiz] now. ... Kissing his glove and touching his d**k, that's not a good ambassador for our sport."

In my view, Whitehead comes across looking jealous of the fact that Evans -- now the UFC light heavyweight champion -- has had a lot more professional success than he has. Whitehead and Evans both got their chances on The Ultimate Fighter, and Evans did a much better job of taking advantage of that chance.

Still, Whitehead is right that Evans does take things too far sometimes. I'd like to see Evans carry himself a little bit more like a champion.

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