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Satoshi Ishii could debut on 'The Ultimate Fighter 10'

Olympic gold medallist in Judo Satoshi Ishii could possibly bring the heavyweights back to "The Ultimate Fighter" on Spike TV.

During their first meeting on Friday, UFC president Dana White recommended that Ishii participate on "The Ultimate Fighter" to build a following in America.

According to Sportsnavi, if Ishii follows through, his debut will be in Fall 2009, which would be the tenth season of the show.

The UFC announced on Sunday that has started exclusive negotations with Ishii. From now on, Ishii will not be allowed to negotiate with other MMA events, specifically Sengoku and DREAM.

"Satoshi Ishii has the potential to be very successful in mixed martial arts," White said Sunday in a release. "We can't wait to start working with Mr. Ishii, we look forward to helping him with his training, his career, and his eventual debut in a professional fight."

The UFC visited Ishii at the MGM Grand Hotel after UFC 92 and negotiations concluded after three hours.

Ishii trained on Sunday at Xtreme Couture in Las Vegas and sparred with former UFC heavyweight and light heavyweight champ Randy Couture. After sparring, Couture recommended the UFC sign Ishii.

Ishii competed as a heavyweight in the Olympics but it's not certain if he would compete as a heavyweight or a light heavyweight in the UFC. Ishii wants to fight at heavyweight but White suggests that Ishii cut down to 205.

For more on Ishii's public conversation with White, click here.

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