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Dana White: Tito Ortiz Isn't Good Enough for UFC Anymore, but I Won't Rule It Out

As he continues to recuperate from back surgery, Tito Ortiz is working as a commentator for Affliction and weighing his options for returning to MMA.

One of those options may be returning to the UFC, where President Dana White has reiterated that he has no plans to bring Ortiz back but also said he wouldn't rule it out.

"I have no intention of bringing him back," White said during a chat with FanHouse readers. "I don't think he's at the level for the UFC anymore. But I never say never either."

I disagree with White that Ortiz isn't at the UFC level anymore. Although Ortiz is certainly not as good a fighter as he was a few years ago, it's not like a draw against Rashad Evans and a loss to Lyoto Machida -- Ortiz's last two results -- are anything to be ashamed of. I don't think Ortiz is ever going to be the light heavyweight champion again, but he could still be competitive against the Luis Canes and Stephan Bonnars of the world if he comes back fully healthy from his back surgery.

Also on the subject of Tito, White said during our chat (in which I read White the readers' questions and typed his answers) that it was Tito who backed out of the boxing match that the two of them had discussed having. White even handed the phone to UFC co-owner Lorenzo Fertitta, who confirmed that he listened to a voicemail message from Ortiz, saying he wouldn't box White.

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