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UFC 92: Rashad Evans Beats Forrest Griffin

Rashad Evans is the new UFC light heavyweight champion.

Evans beat Forrest Griffin by TKO with a dominant ground and pound display in the third round of tonight's main event of UFC 92, taking the title belt in the UFC's marquee weight class.

Griffin dominated the early part of the fight: In the first round, it was completely a stand-up battle, with Griffin doing a good job of using his superior height and length to land kicks to Evans' legs and body. In the second Evans landed a couple of solid punches, but for the most part Griffin wasn't hurt, and he continued to control the fight with his superior reach.

But in the third, Evans caught a kick, took Griffin down, and punished Griffin on the ground. Although Griffin got Evans into his guard, Evans was doing significant damage when the fighters were on the canvas, and Evans eventually pounded Griffin out.

Griffin, who became the champion when he beat Rampage Jackson in July, was making his first title defense. Now Evans may end up defending the belt against Rampage, who knocked out Wanderlei Silva in an undercard fight. Evans vs. Rampage would be a great fight.

Evans improves his record to 13-0-1. Griffin falls to 16-5.

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