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'Rampage' prefers Griffin next over title shot

More than a title shot, Quinton "Rampage" Jackson prefers to next avenge his loss to Forrest Griffin.

"Yeah, I would like to get my title back," Jackson said at the post-fight conference. "Everybody want to be the best, everybody want to be the champ. But to be quite honest, I really want to fight Forrest. That's the fight that haunts me when I go to sleep, have nightmares about. That's the fight when I look at myself in the mirror."

Jackson lost the light heavyweight belt at UFC 86 in September unanimously on the scorecards, but it was as nod Jackson felt he should have received.

"I want the belt. I want to be champion," Jackson continued. "But I would like to get Forrest first if I could, but like I said it's up to the UFC."

Jackson said he wished he could have came into the Griffin fight the same way he did against Silva at UFC 92.

"I wasn't prepared, I let myself go too much, and I didn't take any supplements, and didn't worry about a diet," Jackson said of his condition coming into his fight versus Griffin. "You can't be a world class athlete acting like that."

With a convincing win over Silva on Saturday to avoid a 3-0 sweep, Jackson made a strong case for shot at reclaiming the light heavyweight belt. For now his next fight is uncertain, because according to UFC president Dana White, the division is so stacked that the organization is not set on who is the number one contender.

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