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UFC 92: Wanderlei-Rampage Winner Not Assured a Title Shot vs. Griffin-Evans Winner

The winner of the Wanderlei Silva vs. Rampage Jackson fight at tonight's UFC 92 would be a logical choice as the next light heavyweight title contender, against the winner of the fight between Rashad Evans and champion Forrest Griffin.

But when a FanHouse reader asked UFC President Dana White whether the Rampage-Wanderlei winner will get that shot, all White would say was, "It's a possibility."

White added, "The hard part is there's so many talented guys at 205 and so many deserving that it's tough to pick. That's why it's the funnest division in MMA."

Over the course of the chat, White also said Lyoto Machida is a worthy contender for the light heavyweight title, assuming he gets by Thiago Silva at UFC 94. And he said Rich Franklin would be close with a win over Dan Henderson at UFC 93.

It also stands to reason that Silva would be a candidate if he beats Machida, and Henderson would be a candidate if he beats Franklin. And if Chuck Liddell fights Keith Jardine at UFC 96, the winner of that fight would have a good case, too.

Bottom line: The UFC light heavyweight division is too stacked to say that there's any one fighter who's clearly worthy of No. 1 contender status. But if I had to bet, I'd say we'll see see the Rampage-Wanderlei winner take on the Griffin-Evans winner some time in the spring or summer.

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