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UFC 92 Main Event Live Blog: Forrest Griffin - Rashad Evans

All the undercard fights are over, and it's time for the UFC 92 main event: Forrest Griffin vs. Rashad Evans for the UFC light heavyweight title.

The Griffin vs. Evans fight starts around midnight Eastern. The live blog begins below.

Griffin vs. Evans
Evans is making his way to the Octagon. Evans is in the Octagon.
Griffin is making his way to the Octagon. I think this Dropkick Murphys song is going to become associated with Griffin as much as it's associated with The Departed. Griffin is in the Octagon.

Round 1: This fight is underway. The first thing I notice is the height advantage for Griffin. They exchange punches. Forrest tries a head kick but misses. Griffin goes in for a leg kick. Big right hand from Rashad but Forrest shakes it off. Forrest with a body kick. Good combination from Forrest. This has mostly been a boxing match through the first three minutes. Griffin is doing a nice job of landing leg kicks. Evans changed stances briefly in an attempt to avoid the leg kicks. Rashad with a good jab-hook combination. Forrest lands a kick. The first round is over, and I give it to Griffin, 10-9.

Round 2: Evans stumbled when Griffin threw a kick, but there was no damage done. Evans with a good jab that catches Griffin on the chin. Big right hand from Forrest! Forrest gets Rashad in a Muay Thai clinch. Evans breaks free and does some showboating, but Griffin definitely hurt him in that exchange. Evans' leg looks like it's hurting from Griffin's kicks. Rashad would love to get a takedown, but Griffin is using his superior reach to keep him at bay. Griffin is really hurting Evans with those leg kicks. Nice right hand from Evans. Griffin has a good chin. Evans has real power in his punches but Griffin hasn't been hurt by them. The second round winds down and I give it to Griffin, 10-9.

Round 3: Evans is trying to get inside to land a hard punch, but Griffin just won't let him in. Griffin lands a good kick to the body, but then Evans catches one and takes Griffin down. Evans lands a series of strikes! Evans had Griffin in big trouble before Griffin pulled guard. Now the fight is on the ground for the first time. Evans is trying to pass the guard and get side control. Big elbow from Evans! Griffin has Evans in guard, but Evans is doing a nice job of doing damage anyway. The round is half over and Evans is dominating. And Evans lands more strikes and it's over!
Rashad Evans beats Forrest Griffin by third-round TKO.

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