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Satoshi Ishii is off to UFC 92 in Las Vegas

2008 Olympic judo gold medallist Satoshi Ishii has left for UFC 92 "The Ultimate 2008" in Las Vegas, reports Nikkan Sports.

Ishii, who was personally invited by UFC president Dana White to attend the event, showed up at Narita airport decked out in UFC gear, wearing a UFC cap, jacket and t-shirt while carrying a UFC bag with UFC gloves inside.

"I'm very excited to see fighters such as Minotauro and Okami and experience the atmosphere of the event," Ishii said. "I won't sign a contract this time, but I will definitely prove how good I am with my training."

He stays in the US for only 4 days this time. He is going to visit a couple of gyms. On December 27, he's planning to visit Xtreme Coutur in Las Vegas and have training with Randy Coutur.

Ishii has already ordered his Reggae musician friend, HIBIKILLA, to create his entrance song.

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